The real cloud native platform

What is Turple?

Turple is an optimized, integrated cloud native software platform for developing and operating cloud native applications.

Why Turple?

Turple makes your service agile, scalable and stopless


The cloud native applications should be agile to respond quickly to whatever happens. In development, deployment and operation application agility is one of the most important matters in cloud native environment.


One of the important elements required by cloud native environment is scalability. The service should be able to scale in/out by various reasons. If a service application is a Docker container type, Turple can handle all from VM instances to service deployment as needed.


Turple's monitoring system keeps checking the status of VM instances and service applications. Engineers can recognize and resolve issues before the service stops. Even in the worst case Turple's DR(Disaster Recovery) process can resume the service very quickly.

Cloud Native Platform

Turple provides everything required by cloud native environment

High Availability
Services of cloud native application must be stopless. The clustering architecture and monitoring system of Turple makes the services fault-tolerant and reliable.
A cloud native system contains many containers and resource. Turple manages and controls everything with health-checking, service discovery, monitoring, alerting and so on.
DevOps is necessary to make a true cloud native service. When Turple receives a push notification from Github, the updated code is built and the new created container is automatically deployed to designated instances by Turple's CI/CD process.
VM instances are controlled by Turple and can be scaled in/out as required. An engineer can do the job manually by executing simple commands. However the monitoring system can also perform the scaling tasks automatically.
Monitoring & Logging
The monitoring system keeps tracks of all instances and services. The system alerts engineers when detecting abnormal conditions. All logging data are collected by ELK for system analysis.
The cloud native applications must run in all cloud environments. With Turple the application can be deployed and run in the same way wherever it is. AWS, Azure, OpenStack, Google Cloud, Naver and more are supported by Turple.


IoT, Digital Twin and Edge


Turple's command set is simple but powerful!


The service configurations can be defined in a file, such as service names, the number of VM, clustering size and so on. Engineers don't have to struggle with many files for setup.

Run Command

Many configuration-based operations can be executed by simple commands instead of coding, including deployment, creation and initialization of VMs, scaling in and out.

Better Service

Turple frees engineers from infrastructure and service health management. Engineer need to focus on development and operation for better service.

The following example shows how simple Turple's commands are. With a single command ten VM instances are created and initialized to provide services.

Who is using Turple

Customer Success Story

"Penta Security’s legacy service has been successfully migrated to cloud native service in a simple, fast and safe way thanks to Turple Cloud Solution. We have also benefited from Turple’s multi-cloud support on Microsoft Azure as well as AWS. During cloud journey with Turple, we have learned easily about the advanced cloud technologies and processes in addition to DevOps."

SangGyoo Sim, Ph.D – CTO at Penta Security

"We have developed our React based hybrid applications in a short time because Turple provided very stable backend system. Including service design, we could finished development of mobile applications(Android and iOS) and CMS(Contents Management System) in only two months. As the number of customers increases, we expect Turple to be solid foundation for service expansion."

HJ Choi, Ph.D – CTO at Hebe Global